Monday, June 15, 2009

We adopted a baby chick

YES people, a CHICKEN! We were at a friends house & she'd bought tons of baby chickens & turkeys. One of the baby turkeys was mean to one of the baby chicks & hurt its leg. So she had it separated from the rest. She gave it to us for the kids to nurse back to health. SO we have a baby chicken in our den for the kids to look at and feed/water (but not touch yet). Kalani named it "tweet". Tweet seems to be doing OK, drinking water and eating food, limping around on one leg in its wood chip/paper bedding. The kids just LOVE watching him/her move around in its cage & talking about their baby chickie. We'll see if it survives! (as soon as my camera's charged we'll get a REAL picture up here).... um, and if it survives & grows, WHAT on earth am I going to do with a chicken????

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