Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's a boy!

She said he's already fetal-breathing, which isn't very common for his age. Strong lungs!! He also was VERY squirmy in there!

Absolutely NO question about it! I saw the proof! Another wiggle worm rambunctious boy! And I have mixed emotions about it! We were hoping to have 2 of each. Keira really wanted a girl, Jeff & I really wanted another girl. BUT on the other hand, once they're past the rowdy & wiggly toddler/preschooler stages, boys tend to mellow down and are generally easier to raise. Now HOW I am going to squeeze three boys in one bedroom, I have NO idea! So I guess we have a lot to think about with trying to organize the boys closet to accommodate another one! Boy or girl, we're SO happy to have another little addition to our family, and with 3 siblings he will really be loved! New due date: November 9th


Natalie said...


Natalie said...


Congratulations! That is so exciting to see pictures of your precious little one. Good news- you have all the clothes you need! :)


Danae said...

Congrats! It makes it seem that much more real to "see" them on the ultrasound, doesn't it?

Rob and Rachel said...

Congrats! We are excited to have a new nephew!

Josie said...

How exciting! I've heard boys are a lot of fun, but I wouldn't know. Congratulations!!