Friday, June 12, 2009

Carbomb Last Night! Whodunnit??

In the middle of the night, about 3am we heard an insistent pounding on our front door. I peeked out & I could see one of our neighbors pacing outside, his face lit up with an eerie glow. It wasn't until we got dressed & went outside however that we discovered what that "glow" was. Apparently someone drove by & bombed our next-door neighbor's car that was parked on the street. It was really close to our trash cans & maybe 30 feet away from our own cars, so we had to move our vehicles to a safe distance. We could see small explosions in the fiery inferno, they were loud enough to wake Keira up & bring her out to stand with us. It was several minutes before the firetruck came, Even longer before the police showed up. As we watched the firefighters hose the flames down, I got to thinking about whodunnit??
Here are my options: 1. Stupid kids out to have a fun time/random act of violence 2. Someone who didn't like my neighbors (but they're really nice people) 3. The security system salesman who seemed a little wacky, he was at our front door last night talking about the rise in crime. Cooincidence? Maybe not, hahaha! Jeff & I were pretty clear that we didn't want/need a security system. WHAT if WE were the target? (When he came Amber's car was parked pretty close to this one on the road - Good thing we chose to trade vehicles with her last night instead of this morning!) OR What if our neighbors were really rude to him & he flipped out? Have I been watching too many suspense movies? What do YOU think?

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