Saturday, May 16, 2009

Keira's Talent Show performances!

Last night was Keira's 4-H talent show and tons of kids were there from the Yakima Valley, showcasing their talents! We had piano, violin, recorder, lip sync, dramatization, skit, puppet show, readers theatre, and dance. The last 4 were things I had worked with kids to do. I think the kids had a real sense of accomplishment, and had lots of fun doing it!
~ Skit was called "Mary had a little goat", and the kids all got blue ribbons for it. It was all about a goat that follows Mary to her 4-H meetings (we had a stuffed goat on rollers). We'll be taking this one to the Central WA State Fair!
~ Puppet show was done with my stuffed jungle animal puppets. The narrator was an alligator, and it was called "Stone Soup". The storyline was all about how animals learn to share & not be suspicious of strangers. This also won blue ribbons & we'll be taking it to the fair!
~ I wrote a spin off "You read to me and I'll read to you", only it was "4-H for me and 4-H for you". This was a readers theatre done by two girls in our drama class. They got blue ribbons for it too!

~ Keira danced her solo jazz chair dance to "Best of Both Worlds" by Hannah Montana. (here she is practicing it at home). Her dance teacher choreographed the dance & I was on the sidelines to help her if she forgot her moves (which, despite daily practicing for over a month - she did forget at least once!) She got a rainbow ribbon (not old enough for competing) and we're so proud of her, she did great! For a 7 year old, solo performing is SUCH a HUGE accomplishment!

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