Monday, May 11, 2009

water & food & soap, oh my! A blog on emergency prep

Over the weekend Jeff & I ran a booth at the Emergency Preparedness Fair. Jeff was there last year running a booth on financial preparedness, and this year I went with him and we did being prepared by being in good physical shape (exercise). We had tons of handouts from American Council on Exercise, and posters telling ways of exercising and the 3 parts to a good workout routine. Well, we had TONS of fun running our booth & taking turns making rounds to all the other booths they had. There was everything from 72 hour kits, nutrition, gardening, and food storage/preservation, to red cross & fire safety, cooking tips, food demonstrations, and how to cook different ways. One of the coolest things they had was a demo on how to make gluten meat substitute out of ground wheat flour. With enough spices, the finished product looked & tasted like meat, and wasn't too hard to make either!!

Sooooo, we were inspired this time to organize and replenish our 72 hour kit, work on our water storage, and boost our food storage by stocking up on spices and canning things this summer. Here's what we did today to make these goals.
* Jeff went to Tree Top, where they sold him 50 gallon water barrels for a buck a piece, SCORE!
* Jeff & I took off to the store & bought food & supplies to re-stock our 72 hour kit, then we came home & organized it into zip-loc baggies & packed it into a backpack and small suitcase. DONE!
* We also bought tons of TP, soap, toothpaste, candles, matches, and something to make a solar oven with.
* I signed up to attend a workshop in a couple weeks on how to can meat & veggies.
* I planted some tomatoes & peppers.

My only worry is - If power went out in the winter, how would we heat our home? We only have electric & pellet stove (which takes electric). Generators are SOOOO expensive! Any ideas anyone?
What are you working on for your emergency preparedness?

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Rob and Rachel said...

You'll have to teach us how to make the meat substitute. . . sounds interesting!