Friday, January 30, 2009

Pulling my hair out!

Aaaargh, tonight I rearranged the boys bedroom with some wild idea that Kalani could be in a toddler bed right? I spent some time getting the furniture to fit, lowering his crib and taking off the side rail etc... as the kids ran amok. So I tried really hard, rocked him and told stories with low lighting, got him nice and tired, layed him down gently with music playing in the background. And two split seconds after I left the room he was crying and out of the bed. I remember this with Keanu, I led him back in over and over and oh, did I say over again? He just kept on getting worked up over and over. Laying down with him didn't help, he just woke up as soon as I got up. I ended up putting the crib rail back on the side of the bed, and a few minutes of crying and he was to sleep. An hour ordeal all for NOTHING

So I need your input ladies, I seem to have forgotten how to get a child out of the crib. I did it out of necessity with Keanu by getting rid of the crib completely. I believe Keira was two and a half when I moved her. I guess it's not THAT urgent, but I'd really like to get that bulky crib out of the room by the time he's two! Any ideas?

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Melissa DeLeon said...

Having no personal experience, the only stuff I know is what I've seen on "Supernanny"... the process outlined there was to explain it was bedtime, do your normal routine, and walk out. After he gets up and walks out of his room, you say again that "it's bedtime" but nothing else, and carry him back to bed. Then after that, when he gets up, you don't speak, just carry him back to bed. On the show this goes on for about an hour the first night, and the time decreases each night thereafter until it is routine for him.
I don't envy you! Good luck.