Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I'm an Auntie! Welcome to the world Jameson!

YES! Cory & Minnie finally had their baby! Minnie gave birth via C-section this week to a healthy 7lb9oz baby boy, Jameson Koran Grimmer! He is so adorable, I think his facial features look most like Minnie, you can definately see a mixture of both of them though! We are so indescribably joyful for this long-awaited addition to our family, and you can just see the happiness in their faces (well, maybe some exhaustion too!)

Minnie & Cory chose to have their baby in the Philippines, so we won't get to actually meet Jameson for another couple months or so, that's OK, Minnie needs that time to relax and recover! Before they left I made a knitted hooded afghan blanket for him. I have the materials for another blanket, but it's bigger and he won't need it for quite some time! Well, congratulations Minnie and Cory, we love you so much!

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