Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My favorite everyday pastimes...

Today I enjoyed a favorite pastime! A trip to the mexican bakery with my kids for jalepino cheese bollitoes and mexican sweet breads. I absolutely love those bollitoes! The kids love the cinnamon sugar twists/rolls.
Funny how pastimes often involve food (I just can't help it!) One of our favorite family pastimes is a trip to the bulk foods section of Winco for all kinds of treats (candies, dried fruit, rice crackers etc...) and on to the park in Richland for a picnic/playtime. It is inevitable that Jeff suggest a trip to the bread outlet for bread to feed the ducks. Not my favorite, but the kids really enjoy it. And then we love to go to the Oriental food market for delicacies that we don't get to have often, like dried squid, chinese sausages, vietnamese sushi...
When we visit Olympia to see Jeff's parents, a favorite pastime is Vietnamese Hot Soup & Sushi with his Mom and secondhand store shopping. Sometimes we go to the Super Buffet (It's gotta be oriental & involve Sushi!)
Camping is another favorite pastime in the summer time (I can't wait!) but we haven't done it in a while because the boys are so small. But this summer we can! Jeff most enjoys yuppie camping at campsites with electrical access and wide expanses of grass. My favorite though is rugged camping that you have to hike miles to get to (not an option until the kids are older!)
And in winter, it's gotta be inside games with the kids - playdough toys strewn accross our kitchen, storybooks piled high around us on the couch, or a trip somewhere snowy to go sledding.
Of course there are always things that you'd like to become pastimes. Here are a few of mine: Trips to the beach (we've done it, but it's so far away), season passes skiing up in the mountains, lodge camping in Oregon, trips to Disneyland, floating the river, hiking the lava tubes... All these things involve kids being older so I guess I'll just have to wait!
What is your favorite pastime?

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