Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Jan B-days! Keanu, Janai, Amber & Dad!

I'm so sorry for this 3 week hiatus from blogging!! Actually, we've just been recovering from a very busy stressful holiday season! It was nice while it lasted, with the different Christmas preparations, festivities, and celebration, and then the wedding, followed by a week long trip over the mountains and New Year and Keanu & Janai's birthday to boot! Soooo, it's nice to kind of relax for a while!

We have had 2 other birthdays this month in our family (Very recently!) my dad last week, and my sister Amber (today!) And I have to say, us girls have a very good relationship with dad, considering all the nightmares we've put each other through! He is a good role model for my husband, and we all love him SOOO much! Here are some of my favorite things that I have learned from Dad:
1. How to lose gracefully, be a good sport 2. To have a strong work ethic, to work hard and never give up 3. To take responsibilities seriously and lots of other things not so seriously! 4. Kids are important, family comes first 5. The church is important, callings are a priority, do your best! 6. He loves the outdoors, and being active outside 7. To stand up for what's right, be firm and steadfast 8. Walk softly and carry a big stick 9. Be a loving parent, have fun with kids & make memories! 10. Play as hard as you work!

And Amber, her birthday is today and she's 27! WOW! She's as beautiful as ever, and I love her with all my heart! Amber will be entering a Master's program next year, and has 3 sweet kids. Many of my favorite memories with her include our children! These are 10 of my favorite things about Amber:
1. She is very artistic 2. She is a very good mommy 3. She has a talent for making babies happy 4. She has very solid fashion sense 5. She is kooky, just like the rest of us 6. She is very easygoing most of the time, fun to be around 7. It took a while, but she's a good student! 8. She can be very social when around the right people! 9. She brings her kids to church and teaches them to pray 10. She thinks "outside of the box"

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