Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What is your New Years Resolution??

Kung He Fa Choy everyone!! And now it's time to ring in the new year with increased determination to improve ourselves and our lives. How can we do it? A new years resolution!! Last year I resolved to improve the spiritual lives of our family by having a short easy family devotional each morning. Although we haven't been perfect at it, it really brought out family closer to each other and to the Lord. So I'm thinking, that since Keira will be baptized this year, my family resolution will be somewhere along those spiritual lines, to increase the testimonies of our family members & our spirituality. BUT my personal resolution? Maybe to lose those holiday pounds I've put on, maybe to be more organized (the same old ones right?)

Don't forget!! To make a resolution actually happen? You need to record it somewhere you can see it all the time, and plan out a course of action on how to do it! Otherwise, it's only a wish! SOOOO please tell me, I'm burning to know what YOUR resolution this year will be????


Vegan mothering said...

I resolve to read your blog more! You always have great posts. Thanks Tiffanie, I do miss your positive willing attitude. Hope you had a great Christmas season.

Becky said...

OK - - ours are kind of like yours. Our family goal is to read scriptures EVERY day as a family. My goals are to help the kids CONSISTENTLY do chores and start exercising again. I am still at a loss on how to get back into exercising - - I just know I HAVE to get back on track! Anyway- you'll do great with yours!

Kim and Dan said...

We spoke in Sacrament Meeting yesterday (for first time in our Branch) on New Year's Resolutions! We don't make "new years resolutions", but we make goals throughout the year. This year our goals are to work on getting out of debt, read the scriptures more, pray together more often, fullfill our callings to the best of our abilities, and to be sealed in the Temple. YAY! =D