Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tree trimmings

We had a special family home evening trimming the tree this week! Mostly I handed out the decorations and everyone ran to the tree too put them on the tree. We tried to move them around so there were even! This is DEFinately a KID tree! Colored lights and fun decorations! I still miss having a beautiful mommy tree, all color coordinated with fancy bulbs and ribbon... Someday I will again, but for now the kids can have their fun colorful gaudy tree!

Note: As you can see, Kalani had a complete meltdown towards the end - look at that sad sobbing little face! Keanu thought the cinnamon ornaments were cookies, and tried to eat one (I think I have a pic of that here too), and so all of them are gone now, broken by kids who try to eat them!

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