Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Grateful List, Happy Thanksgiving!!

This list really could go on forever, I have so much to be grateful for. But I will try my best to pick the most important things!!!

1. The True Gospel of Jesus Christ, including the Priesthood in our home, the Holy Ghost to guide me, the atonement of Christ without which I would have NO hope and would be lost, scriptures and living prophets! I'm grateful for my strong testimony and the adversity that shaped me spiritually - such as my amazing conversion process, the car accident that changed my life, having children...
2. My sweet children and husband who are eternally mine, and are so good to me! My joys are endless in our home because of them! My eternal companion really is my other half!
3. My support system of friends and ward family, I couldn't live without you! And of course my parents and other relatives, I love you all and am so grateful for who you are, all you've taught me, that you are understanding and forgiving too!
4. We are so blessed physically with a home that we own! Jeff's career that supports us, that I can stay home with the kids. We're blessed with a good education for us all, intelligent minds and able bodies (YES! I can walk, move, work out, and breaking my back and neck & other bones had no lasting effects!)
5. So grateful I don't live in the dark ages of technology! I love electricity, running water, dishwashers, TV's, cell phones, computers, my car!! It really is a miracle that all this exists just in the last 100 years!
6. I love our wonderful country, USA. It truly is a promised land, a fair and beautiful land of freedom. I am so grateful for the privileges I receive by being a citizen of this amazing nation.

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