Thursday, October 2, 2008

Happy Birthday Cory!!

Let me tell you a secret... my very first best friend, he's my brother! We're a little over 11 months apart, and today he turns 31. We'll be the same age for 17 days! This is how I remember him best when I think back to our childhood days of playing with each other, sharing (or not) our toys, eating cereal, jumping on the bed, running around in the backyard, getting into trouble... those days of innocence when nothing mattered but family, and love, and toys and naps. (I know he doesn't look happy in this pic, maybe he was ready for a nap!)

And here he is now!! A big-shot safety engineer (or something like it) for Cherne Contracting in California. He's all grown up, married, and working long hours graveyard and putting money in the bank (he's got a baby on the way - he'll need it!)

Cory has always been the brother I've felt closest to in spite of the many things that have worked to keep us apart. This is probably because of the happy childhood days, and our close age span. He's very loving, understanding, he overlooks my many faults & sees me for me. So Cory, even though you're far away, soon to be accross the ocean from us, you'll always be in my heart! I hope you have the happiest of birthdays!


Becky said...

You were such a cute little girl!!!

Wallers said...

Hey Tiffanie,
Its Kristen from MOPS. It was nice to have you join us at our last MOPS meeting.I forgot to get your phone number last time but you gave me your blog address, so I thought I'd contact you this way. Our next meeting is this Thursday, same time and same place. Hope to see you again and get to know you some more.

Anonymous said...

Boy were we a little terror on the house back then. Remember when we decided to climb on Mom's Curio Cabinet and sent it crashing to the floor. Boy was Mom hot... and with good reason.

Thanks for the nice words on my birthday. Happy Birthday to you and hope that there are many more happy years to come.

By the way, Minnie and I will be in Sunnyside on the 16th, just in time for your birthday.