Thursday, October 9, 2008

Oh the woes.. and joys of TWO toddlers!!

Woes: This morning in the car and in my MOPS meeting, Kalani bawled almost the whole time (who knows why? Tired? Teething?) It made me sad because I really was looking forward to some time with mommies speaking actual English (instead of finding myself saying Bankie instead of Blanket... you get the idea). This isn't the first time I've found myself leaving an event early due to cranky kids, recently I had a nightmare church picnic where the boys both ended up bawling with their faces covered in snot and their clothes and shoes covered in MUD! Sooooo anywhooo, when I got home, Kalani and Keanu both slept for a couple hours (Ahhh Bliss!).

Joys: Keanu and I had LOTS of fun today playing games! He's now old enough to play preschool type games such as Hi-Ho Cheerio and this I-Spy Preschooler game we have. Then when Kalani finally got up he was in an awesome mood. The boys practiced coloring with markers (for Keanu) and crayons (for Kalani - he still eats them). Then I gave them both playdough. This was Kalani's favorite time. At first he didn't know what to do with it. He watched Keanu and soon discovered how to cut, tear, poke... and quickly discovered that it doesn't taste good! It was lots of fun just watching them explore with creativity! I took some pictures for your enjoyment (only of the joys - don't enjoy taking pics of those woes!!)

And they welcome Keira home from school! I just had to capture the group hug since the camera was so handy! That Keira is such a ham!

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chelsea elizabeth said...

You're such a good momma tiff! All the pictures I see of your kiddos they are always involved in some fun activity! YOu have way more energy than I do lol! how are things?