Monday, September 1, 2008

Our trip with friends to the farm!

On Friday, our playgroup (Myself, Tiffany, Danae, Natalie and Kathy, plus kids all ages 1-7) met for storytime at the library. Afterwards, we all caravanned over to our friend Kathy's house. Kathy's family has a farm with horses and chickens. We had lots of fun petting the chickens, looking at the eggs, going on pony rides & feeding the pony apples, having snacktime and playtime in her beautiful back yard. Thank you Kathy!

Keanu with his friends cooling off in the shade having snacks!

Keanu is shocked! There are chickens in there!!

Keanu brushes the pony, but he was too afraid to ride!

Keira gets her very own pony ride. She was so patient waiting her turn!

There she goes with our friend Kathy leading the way!

Some of the kids hanging out on the gate, Keira's to the far right.

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