Saturday, August 30, 2008

Danny and Kimmie came to visit!!

My brother Dan and his new wife Kim came down from Nome, Alaska. They live up there in the wilderness, he working for a hotel, and she working as an evidence clerk for the state. We don't see them much, so it was so nice for them to be here for 3 whole weeks! We got to spend an entire day with them doing movies, eating out and bowling one of the days. Another day we celebrated their first year anniversary with a big BBQ at my parents house (we got to meet her family), and there were several days of hanging out, playing games, and spending time together thrown in there! Danny and Kimmie, we're so sorry to see you go back home and we're going to miss you! Someday I'd love to go visit them (and also my Uncle and Eskimo auntie and cousins) and see all the places I've heard about, do some fishing. Maybe someday!!

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Cynthia said...

It's amazing how people change whenyou don't see them!! I remember Dan as little kid and there he is all grown up! Maybe some day we can all get together again!