Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Schedule - Updated

Hey everyone, I'm teaching Turbo 4X a week now!! And I have SOOOO seen a big difference in how I feel, how toned my arms are, my energy level, and it's changed the way I feel about working out. I look forward to my workouts & try to find excuses to exercise just because I love it so much!! Turbokick has definately helped me!! Over the weekend I took a Zumba class with my sis-in-law Lea & I've taken it before at the club we have also. It's a lot of fun & I'm thinking maybe next year I'll get Zumba certified too, wouldn't that be cool?? I just love all that booty shakin & the cute jingle belts too!

So here's my summer schedule (for the most part) running thru mid-August. please everyone come join me!

Monday 6pm - Turbo at the Valley Raquetball Club. Class punchcards available & childcare is 1$ per child.
Tuesday 8:00am - Turbo at the community center. I believe a family pass is 20$ and that includes activities for your children every day. They are going to have something for kids to do during the class, so kids are welcome.
Wednesday 6pm - Turbo at Valley Raquetball Club again
Friday 8:30am - Turbo at the LDS Church on Lincoln Ave. Sunnyside - Kids run around in the gym, so bring sports equipment to keep them busy & cost is free!

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