Monday, June 7, 2010

One TurboKickin Momma!

Over the weekend we went as a family to Spokane (kids pictures coming soon). We took the kids to the old fashioned carousel with horses & other animals that go up & down, it was awesome! We walked around Riverfront park & stayed in a motel. In the morning Jeff took the kids to the parks around & to the children's museum.

I went to the YMCA for a Turbokick training. It was actionpacked & lots of fun, I was exercising my butt off all day long! In spite of floundering a quite bit with the choreography & feeling like a total idiot in front of everyone during the dance off (because I can't dance) & the practical testing part of it (because I didn't know the choreo that well), I still had a blast! They really did throw it all at you at once & it was easy to get overwhelmed with all the moves to memorize. HOWEVER - When I got home and today when I got a chance to go thru the choreography on the DVD they gave me, it wasn't so bad. I wrote it all out on cue cards for me to follow when teaching & I think with a bit more practice I'll be A-OK!

So at the club I'm going to be switching my class from 5:00 to 6:00 & will stay in the 6:00 spot all summer long teaching Turbokick. I'll also be doing a Friday morning TK class at the church in a couple weeks when I get that all set up. Woo hoo! Go easy on me everyone, I'm learning too!

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