Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rescuing a barn owl!

Today the kids came in screaming that out on the playground, inside a tractor tire, they found a bird. So going out there, Jeff discovered that it was a baby barn owl. It was in danger in that location because, just being a baby, it couldn't fly and the dog could get it. We brought the dog inside, discussed the situation & finally contacted the audobon society here in Yakima Valley. On their instructions, we captured the owl, and inspected it for injuries. Then I climbed to the top story of the barn and set it free as close to the nest as I could get it. I'll be checking back on it in a day or two to make sure it's doing OK. This was quite the excitement for the kids! (oh, and here's an awesome picture we took the other day of the barn owls home. Isn't that rainbow awesome?)

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