Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Craftster Swap!

OK everyone, since my Craftster partner finally recieved her package, I think it is safe enough to show you what I've been hard at work doing all month long! ...1st of all, is a crafting website in which you can craft to your hearts content, take pics & post them for all to see and comment on. You can also participate in closely monitored SWAPS in which you join & are paired up with a partner. You then "craft" something for your partner that goes along with the swap theme, and then send it to them. The partner sends you something in return. There are strict rules that make it so people fulfill their end of the bargain. SOOOO, I joined a photography swap and here are some of my favorite pictures that I sent my partner from Ohio. I also "crafted" her a picture frame for an 8x10 photo that I took myself. I talked to her & stalked her website to find out what she likes. She enjoys photos from nature, rustic photos, and wants photos for a "green photo collage", hence the kids and animals. I sent her well over 50 photographs on CD, and printed her out maybe 30. What do you think? Keep in mind that I am very much an amature!!  Enjoy everyone!

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Natalie said...

These are great pictures. I am sure your swap partner will love them!