Sunday, March 7, 2010

Back in the blogging scene - Home based business ideas anyone?

Well, here comes the end to my hiatus from blogging! Things got kind of crazy for a while trying to live my life, take care of my children, household, and run the family! But I'm going to try to get better at blogging. Its good for me to record our lives and a decent substitute for the scrapbooking hobby that I don't seem to have time or energy for.

January and March were busy. I worked really hard -hours on hours, days on end- on an unsuccessful business endeavor with Xango. I was so excited with the business model and program I was on, and I attacked it gung-ho. It didn't work, however,  because not everyone was as excited as I was upon hearing about it. And no one was willing to take the risk. So- oh well! It's not for everyone & didn't work out for me! I'd like to work out of my home though, and so I'm still playing around with the idea of some sort of home based thing. Scentsy? Melaluca? Pampered Chef? I just don't know yet. And I really don't want to invest hundreds, so it needs to be low investment & something that the people I'm friends with would be interested in.

So to my friends out there, what kind of home based business have you tried & did it work out for you? What would you suggest?

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Aimee said...


I Love the products for Melaluca and they have so many things. The cleaning product are amazing you leave it on for a few min and wipe away no fighting with those stubborn stains. If you like to hear more I be happy to tell you more and now its the time they lowered the price.

You can reach me @