Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Merry Christmas - Our Ward Christmas Pageant

Our whole ward got together for a Christmas dinner & program. Keira and I were involved in the Christmas pageant. I performed two duets with my flute in the musical part of it, and Keira was a cow! Her & I had fun putting together a last minute cow costume! Here are a few pictures of the pageant. (pictures are a bit dark, sorry!) Merry Christmas everyone & don't forget the reason we celebrate Christmas, the birth of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ! Please keep him in your thoughts & hearts this season!

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Becky said...

How Fun- I miss the Sunnyside Ward!!

By the way- the pictures of Kai are adorable! Can't wait to meet him. You guys look so happy!

Also- I am doing my Christmas cards- can I get your new address?