Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween fun!

Since the baby is SO close to coming & I really didn't have a whole lot of energy to devote to Halloween, I purchased the kids costumes way in advance and Halloween was pretty low profile. We went to the Outlook School carnival the week before. And, Halloween weekend we spent doing crafty activities with the kids. We did tissue paper pictures, played with playdough, and painted baby pumpkins. Sidenote: It's SO nice to have our dining room all set up! And all the crafty/messy games & activities are right there in the closet, so the mess never makes it to any other rooms in the house! - THEN we went to the Halloween Trunk or Treat at Sunnyside ward. I felt very lucky that Jeff was there to help take over, and I think he was pretty happy to share in the celebrating too. I did NOT dress up - and really missed it because I dress up every year & really love it. Well, there are many more years to come of more festive holidays!

Here are the kids getting crafty, they LOVE playdough!

And in their costumes...


Melissa DeLeon said...

Cute! Thanks for sharing.

Natalie said...

What fun costumes! I have been thinking about you lately and hope everything goes well with your delivery. It is such an exciting time for your family!!