Monday, August 24, 2009


YES! We ARE moving. But first you have to hear why! My dad got a job in Oroville (way up North, by Lake Palmer). They're moving within the next month to the little 2bdrm Lake Palmer house (5 hours away). We're going to be really sad to see them go. BUT they've been working so hard on their house in the last couple years! They put in 2 additions, they installed a huge wrap-around deck, they remodelled the kitchen and bathrooms etc... And they hesitate to sell it to just anyone. Well we've been having the problem of, how on earth do we squeeze 4 children into our little bedrooms?? We're outgrowing our house & need something bigger. So mom & dad are giving us a really good deal on their house & we'll be buying it when our house sells. We'll still be in Sunnyside ward, but we'll be living in Outlook School area out in the country. I'm REALLY going to miss living in town, I love living in a neighorhood & having neighbors, but we think that the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Anyone up to helping us move?? We're really going to need it!!


Veganmothering said...


How wonderful, such a blessing. I know you and your family will love living in the beautiful country.

I'm so happy for you!

Melissa DeLeon said...

Can't beat the neighbors, either! haha

Danae said...

Ryan is jealous. He wants a house in the country. That will be so nice to have more room for your growing family.

Tiffanie and Jeff Bodine said...

Personally I like living in town, but Jeff really thinks this will be better for our family in the long run!