Saturday, August 29, 2009

I'm drowning in an overgrown garden!!

This year I ventured to spend lots of time and money to plant this gigantic vegetable garden. My big successes were the tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, beets, watermelons, spinach/lettuce, and various squashes. My radishes, pumpkins, peas and beans did NOT do well at all. So I guess it was a success, the problem IS WEEDS!!! Everywhere that is NOT vegetable garden is completely covered in weeds!! Since our underground sprinklers didn't work this year, we had to use a big spreader sprinkler, and it made weeds grow everywhere else. So now that we're moving & need to get our yard/house ready to sell, WHAT DO I DO??? All these weeds represent hours and hours of backbreaking labor! I went out in the yard this evening for some intensive pulling, and it didn't even put a dent! I simply can't do all of this with Jeff working such long hours (he won't touch the yard besides watering it) and me being 7 months pregnant. ANY suggestions on inexpensive hardworking lanscaping people who can get my yard in ship-shape?? Just the thought of everything involved in moving and selling the house sets me in panic attacks. So suggestions and help would be much appreciated!!

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Becky said...

Sounds like a dilemma- you should NOT be out pulling weeds on your own for hours with your pregnancy! Maybe you can ask the ward to help with a service project (get the young men or women, or even the cub scouts???). I don't know any tricks- we have been pulling our weeds by hand because weed killer still leaves the dead weed behind, which has to be pulled. I am lucky because Jon does it all- the yard is his thing (I have NO clue). Anyway- good luck!