Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Kalani!!

Happy birthday - Kalani is two!! And we threw a very nice family birthday party for him last week. Mom, dad, Amber, Steve, Minnie, Cory & all the cousins were there. We enjoyed a barbecue of hamburgers & salads, and then cake and ice cream! We completely demolished this choo-choo train cake that I fell in love with online & just HAD to reproduce. It took forever, lots of sweat & tears put into that baby, and we ate most of it!! Kalani is my sweet baby boy, but he's growing up and not a baby anymore! Before we know it a real baby will be here & he'll be one of the middle children! I love my sweet little baby boy, and it was so fun for us to all celebrate him as a family!


KG said...

YAY! oh my gosh that cake is AWESOME! Give Kalani and the kiddos hugs and kisses from Dan and me!

Danae said...

That is an amazing cake! Happy 2nd birthday to Kalani!

Becky said...

Oh- your choo choo cake turned out AMAZING!!!!! I remember you talking about what you were going to do, and it turned out better than I had eve pictured. Anyway, Happy birthday to Kalani!