Saturday, May 23, 2009

My nerdy tendencies - what are yours?

OK, I guess it's OK to be a nerd once in a while! When I'm NOT taking care of & cleaning up after kids, perhaps when I have an extra hour & I don't feel like reading or getting crafty during naptime, I love to go to for games like Dominoes, Yahtzee, card games, word games, majong, & various other interactive games I play against people from all over the world. Plus sometimes I go to for logic puzzles or sodoku (yes, those "math" games), and the only PSP games I play are the puzzle ones like Lumines (kind of a Tetris type game) or Bomberman (which is vaguely puzzle-like - I beat that one). So I guess I'm a nerdy type, but it's fun! What are your nerdy tendencies?


Rob and Rachel said...

Glad you asked. My favorite nerdy tendency of Rob's is that he studies facts, watches videos of, and reads whatever he can find about Anacondas. In my free time, I plan things like a super-geek. Since we don't really have big events to plan right now, I plan things WAY into the future. . . such as whether to use cloth diapers when we have a baby someday, looking at housing in Portland for IF we end up going there, and currently: planning details of a trip we want to take in Oct. 2010. Nerdy!!

Melissa DeLeon said...

Getting overly-excited (chills and goosebumps) when I see a trailer for the new Transformers Movie and hear Optimus Prime (nerdy enough that I know his name) speak and get choked up!
Star Wars, Star Trek, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the Matrix... I am a complete Sci-Fi nerd.