Friday, April 3, 2009

2009 General Conference is here!

And what is your family going to do to keep the kids occupied and focused for two whole days while you watch conference on TV?? Or are you planning on going somewhere to watch? Well, last year I went to and created some LDS themed puzzles, then printed out this little booklet I found for the kids to color. I put out reverence tents, one for each kid and each kid had their own crayons, booklet, blankies etc... in their own space facing the TV. I made TONS of scones for breakfast, and we had dinner with my parents.

This year however, Kalani has the flu (And maybe Keira too). I am planning on making scones again (that's the tradition) and doing the tent thing, the kids seemed to really enjoy that. I found some great resources online, booklets and puzzles to print out. We'll be having pizza the first night & salmon/sweet potatoes the second night. Because of the flu thing and Jeff being on night shift, I'm sure I'll be all alone at least for the 2nd sessions with the kids!

My burning question is, what will you be doing & do you have any conference traditions? Please share in the comments section!!

Links to the booklets are:

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