Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our Little Trip to Seattle

We had so much fun!! First we went to the Seattle Science Center, where the kids went to the Planetorium, played with numerous sciency gadgets and stations, saw lots of little critters, held Madagascar Cockroaches & walked among the butterflies. The next day, we went to the Children's museum where they explored a Northwestern themed playland, played with machines to move balls and water in cog city, splashed in the water, painted and played with clay, and learned lots of new things. The boys highlight was a trip over the monorail to Pikes Place Market (they squealed with excitement at the notion of being on a "real choo choo train"!) At Pikes Place I had lunch, visited, & shopped with my old-time bestest friend Becky, whom I haven't seen in person since the age of 10 or 11 years old. It's funny how we just "clicked" back in place.

Can you tell the kids had a blast?? My favorite was watching the kids get creative with paints. It was Kalani's first time. Watching Keira pretending to serve me sushi at a "real" Japanese restaurant was lots of fun too!

We celebrated Mom's 56th birthday. Her and I enjoyed Thai food one of the days (coconut curry is SO good) and Vietnamese food another day (we went to a pho house and had soup, noodle salad, plus the yummiest spring rolls & peanut sauce you ever had!). We shopped together, helping Keira pick out her outfit for the 4-H fashion revue. We went to line dancing lessons together and really had an action packed few days! I made her a pumpkin pie cake for her birthday, happy birthday mom!

And finally, Jeff & I met up with ANOTHER friend I haven't seen in 14 years. Her name is Lena and she was one of my bestest friends in Middle School. WOW! It was so fun to shop at Cabellas with her and her family. Keira and her daughter really had fun - it was almost like seeing us again as kids! And Cabellas animal museum was amazing, the guys really liked that!

I love Lena, she was my best friend during a time in my life where I fell off the deep end. She's seen a very very badly behaved Tiffanie, and she's also seen me at my best!! As a result, she knows me in a way that no one else does. Seeing her again after all these years brought back so many great memories! I can almost smell the mix of salty briny air, foresty pine, and maybe a little pot, hahaha!

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Vegan Mothering said...

Love the post. That curry looks delish. I miss Washington! So many fun things to do. I love the pictures of your kids painting. Such a great experience for the whole family.