Thursday, March 5, 2009

Maybe I'm doing something right?

Today at lunchtime I had a giant green salad. The kids had corn beef & salad with pretzels. They all cleaned their plates on the hope that I'd give them some of my salad afterwards!?! And one of them climbed accross the table to pick off my plate repeatedly until it was gone. I ended up cutting them jicama and doling out the cucumber they liked it so well! And lately they'll do almost anything for a piece of "fruit candy" (dried papaya or pineapple) Go figure, maybe I'm doing something right after all??


Danae said...

Elizabeth always wants to pick the veggies off my plate at lunch. I figure it's just because whatever is on my plate is inevitably more exciting than what is on hers. Go figure. But that's great that your kids like veggies!

Rob and Rachel said...

What are you doing to them?!