Thursday, March 5, 2009

I love Winco

Yesterday I went to tri-cities with my dear friend Kathryn and my boys. We went on a jaunt to the Oriental Market, which was so much fun! We browsed the isles together looking at all the unique things they had, picking out this and that! Seaweed salad here I come! Afterwards we went on a food storage trip to Winco. Kathryn was invaluable with her calculator helping me find the best deals! And the Winco employees were so friendly and helpful, feeding my kids Jo's at the deli counter and giving them lollipops when they pitched a fit in the bulk foods section, joking around with me in checkout! It really made my Winco trip a pleasant adventure! It sure helped that the prices were SO much better than Walmart (I have much of Walmarts prices memorized on the things I buy a lot of) and now it feels so GOOD to have all my canned food shelves stocked to the brim and all my poly buckets full!

We ended our trip by running and climbing and laughing with the boys at Howard Amon Park. Trips like this one with a good friend and my boys bring me so much joy!


Melissa DeLeon said...

I heart Winco, too! The downside is that you HAVE to pay in cash, and I never carry cash, so it takes some planning.
I have yet to find a Winco here in Seattle... now that I think about it, I am going to Google their locations right now. Maybe there is one nearby and I don't even know it!

Melissa DeLeon said...

Um... so there are a few in the area, but not close enough to justify the commute. DRAT!

Vegan Mothering said...

I've never been, but heard fantastic things about the store. When I'm in Washington this summer I will have to check it out.