Friday, October 17, 2008

Two parties in one day!

#1, we went to Natalies in the afternoon for a great kids Halloween party! The goodies were spoooky and we had witches brew to drink. But the best part of it is, we were there with our friends and the kids played a lot and the moms had fun visiting! Lots of kids wore their costumes, and YES! We dressed up too (Keanu is a dragon, Kalani is a lion & I'm a witch this year).

#2, In the evening some friends came over for a homemade pasta night! There were 10 of us and we each made a batch of homemade pasta. We each got a chance to practice using a pasta maker, and when the pasta was all made, we ate it with the sauces people brought and a yummy salad! It was so much fun to learn a new skill - flour, an egg, salt & water? Who knew it was so easy to make your own pasta?


Becky said...

I miss living in Sunnyside. I totally would have come to the pasta making night! I am glad I was able to come to the little Halloween get together at least. It was great to see you yesterday!

Melissa DeLeon said...

Hi Tiffany!! Yes, I am glad for blogging to stay in touch... It's hard to believe that we moved out of Sunnyside only 3 years ago, but that you have had 2 babies since then! Strong work.
Monico said to tell Jeff "Hi!" from him. :)