Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A big accomplishment - A baby blanket!

OK, Here's a big accomplishment!! I've been waiting to post this until Cory & Minnie got my gift box. Cory is my brother & he's married to a beautiful Phillipino girl, Minnie. They are expecting their FIRST baby, and it's a boy!! So along with some things I bought and hand-me-downs from Kalani, I made my very first knitted blanket!! Well, it's not exactly knitted. I'm a cheater-mcfeeter so I used a loom. It still took quite a while! As you can see, it has a hood, and you use the ends of the blankie to swaddle little Cory Jr. in. Unfortunately, the baby is due in January and they'll be having him in the Phillipines, so I won't get to meet him until they come back & by then he'll be about 3 months old. *Sob* Well, we're so happy for you Cory & Minnie!!

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