Saturday, September 20, 2008

Apple Cider Party

Members of our ward got together yesterday for an apple pressing party! Brother Baugh has an apple press and picked a truckload of apples. See Keanu? He loved playing in the truck! The first step was to wash and rinse the apples, here you see Sister Baugh washing and Sister Scott rinsing!
Then on a big metal cutting table, we cut them each in half. We filled up tons of buckets and bins!!
The men ran the electrical machine part of the cider press, where they put the apples in the hole and they came out a ground up pulp on the bottom. Here you see Brother Scott, Sterling, and some friends of the Scott's.

The ground pulp was then pressed. The guys hand cranked it and it squished the pulp down into a mesh screen. Here's Sterling showing off the muscles!
And Ta-Da!! Out came fresh squeezed apple cider!!
Then the cider was poured into the blue barrel you see below. It was covered with cheesecloth, which strained it even more. Then we could open up the nozzle and pour it into jugs!! Here you also see brother Bos and Brother Scott with the apple pulp, which the cows in the field next door absolutely loved!!
Kalani could only take SO much of apple slicing before he conked out!! See the jugs in the background, yummee!!!


Rob and Rachel said...

I am extremely thirsty now.

Cherity said...

Wow! looks like a lot of work, but well worth it! YUM!

LosPeterson said...

I will never look at cider the same way ever again! Who knew it was so much work! BTW, that picture of Kalani is soooooo darling.