Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back to school, Hooray for Keira!!

The last couple days have been exciting, as we prepare to see Keira off to first grade! We decided to have her hair cut, and my cousin is learning at the beauty college. It was a pretty simple cut we asked her to do, but she went a little scissor crazy on one side of her head, and next time I looked, horror of all horrors! Her hair on one side was really short! My cousin wasn't sure how to fix it, so we took her to this wonderful beautician I know at Fantastic Sams. She cut it, and although it's very short, it still looks feminine and Keira really likes it!!

So, I took her to school this morning with mixed feelings of elation and sadness. Keira was nervous, but looked pretty happy when I left her in the capable hands of Miss Morton, her new first grade teacher!


Danae said...

Sorry to hear about the scissor-crazy cousin, but Keira looks very cute! And only 2 more days 'til the kindergarteners start!

Becky said...

Kiera's hair looks so cute! I want to get Cynthia's hair trimmed to look kind of like that- though I doubt her hair would ever look that cute because it is so much thinner than kiera's. She also doesn't like me to "do" it, or put clips in (they last about an hour then she is handing them back to me, or they just don't come home from school!). Anyway- she looks adorable!

Anonymous said...

Oh boy! well Kiera looks good, so that a good thing :) Anyway Happy Birthday Kiera girl..

Auntie Minnie & Uncle Cory