Friday, July 18, 2008

Yes, cherries really can come out of your ears!!

That old saying MUST be true because today it happened to me! A friend called last night to say I could pick cherries in her families orchard. SO early this morning the boys got babysat (thank you Tiffany!!). Keira and I went and picked one of those big 58 gallon bins full to the top, plus a poly bucket. We gave some away, then I spent ALL DAY and into the evening washing and sorting cherries, canning cherries, pitting cherries, freezing cherries. FINALLY at 10pm at night and 60 some jars later... I've got the leftovers in the fridge (don't ask me what I'm going to do with 4 big salad bowls of cherries in my fridge) but the canning is done and I've pitted and frozen some. I imagine by Monday evening I'll have the rest made into jam or cobbler or something. But what a day!! I'm exhausted and feeling SO blessed!! All the fruit was free (Thank you Deanna!!), my only cost was the lids for my jars and my own hard work. I feel like collapsing in bed -goodnight!!


Becky said...

Just look at all that food storage! What an acomplishment

Cherity said...

Hey Tiffany!!! How on earth did you find me? Anyway, I'm glad you did!! It's so fun seeing your family after all these years. Make sure you tell everyone hi for me!!

Josie said...

Hi! Cherity told me you wanted an invite to my blog, I need your e-mail address to send one. Mine is you can send it there!
It will be fun to keep in touch!

Danae said...

Good luck finding a place for all those cherries, but good for you to can and freeze so many! I'm sure you will really enjoy them later.