Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What on earth do we do when we're indescribably bored on a lazy summer afternoon?? Well, we could go out and swim in the kiddie pool AGAIN, take off to the park AGAIN, watch reruns on TV AGAIN, or play with BUBBLES!!! The kids like to use the fan since it fills the whole room with bubbles. It was Jeff's cool idea.

Keanu and Keira on July 4th, went swimming at the Wilson's house!!


Becky said...

I love how Keanu has a floaty on in the wading pool that was only 6 inches deep . . . it was SO fun having you over! So- here's an open invitation- anytime you have a boring summer afternoon and don't mind driving to Yakima- give me a call! Our pool is still working great . . . We are starving for visitors. Just make sure to call first (I will be out of town July 27th through August 11). Oh- and I will probably see you this weekend if you are going to the ward potluck- we are coming to crash another Sunnyside ward party. I might even come for playgroup on friday, we will see. Is it at Sunnyview park? Our ward here in Yakima isn't currently doing a playgroup - - I will have to change that eventually when I know a few more people and won't be going out of town soon. Anyway, miss you!

LosPeterson said...

Hey Tiff! Thanks for reaching out! I'm so glad you're blogging. You look amazing and your kids are so big now! You and Jeff have such a beautiful family. Let's keep in touch. It's been way too long!
P.S. I am totally jealous about those yummy looking cherries! Nice job.