Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Scooter, our loveable pet!!

Meet Scooter, our loveable furry chihuahua mix doggie!! We got him from the pound and he seemed to meld into our family almost from the start! He ran away a couple times to play with the neighbor dog, but always came right back. He was crate trained and potty trained from the start too! He's gentle with the kiddos, even when Keanu yanks on his collar and gives him a strangle-hug around the neck. He loves to play and rough house with daddy, follow people around the house, and cuddle on the couch. He doesn't like being stuck outside alone in the yard, but we have to do it when we leave because when he misses us he chews up our shoes. He plays with the silliest things. A piece of carrot, a baby's wrist rattle, a button on the floor, throwing it up and trying to catch it in his mouth. Funny dog!!

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