Wednesday, July 2, 2008

School's Out! Busy busy busy!!

So far for our family we were able to end the Spring with plenty of activities for Keira's girlscouts troop (a trip to the fire station, a float in the Cinco de Mayo parade, a little girls hula birthday party for two sisters in our troop).

Also towards the end of Spring, Jeff & I enjoyed a trip to Leavenworth, WA! We immersed ourselves in the culture, the unique European architecture, the amazing shopping, the delicious food, and the beauty of the surrounding land! We browsed the arts walk and ate bratswurst!

We kicked off our summer this year with a weeklong drama camp for Keira! And the very next week? Vacation Bible School at Calvary!!! Quickly followed by sending her off to Lake Palmer with Grandma, Grandpa and her cousins. She was able to fish, see wildlife, go boating, and had a blast!

Oh, kiss the fish already Keira!!

SUMMER is finally here!!

For all of June it seemed like, the weather couldn't make up it's mind. First it would be muggy and rainy, then sunny and hot, then cooler and cloudy. YAY! We now have hundred degree weather and summer is in full swing! The kids absolutely LOVE that silly little kiddie pool in the backyard! Kalani will stand himself up on the side and do a belly flop in the middle of the pool. Keanu is completely obsessed with the hose and splashes anyone in splashing distance! And Keira loves to tie the hose to the top of the slide and slide down our "homemade waterslide" into the pool (I'll get some pics of that on here for you someday!) Here are some pics of my
nakkie boyz being crazy in the water!

What else have we done this summer?? Well, Keira's started going to Fun in the Sun and Central Art as well as a Girls Science activities in the park! We've also taken them to the library bug activities. We've gone a couple times and stood in that long long hot hot line for the free BBQ at the park (though I might not do that again) and have gone on several day trips to Tri-Cities with daddy! We love the water/castle park in Kennewick, and feeding the ducks, and going to Howard Amon park to swim in the kiddie pool and play on the playground. And don't forget loading up the basket for picnics on the grass wherever we go!
To all our friends, I'm happy to finally join you all in creating a blog. Stay posted for more pics and more blogging in the future!!

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