Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Kalani!!!

We celebrated Kalani's birthday today by:
  • Going to church, he wore his new big boy suit (sorry no pic of that!)
  • Having Grandma, Grandpa, Amber & the kids over for BBQ
  • Playing games like "Kalani Trivia", "How much does Kalani weigh?" and passing around Kalani's journal that I've started for him for people to write in (I record my thoughts, hopes, and dreams for his future and tell what's going on in his life)
  • Opening gifts, mostly clothes of course! But he did get a revolving baseball toy, a touch n feel book, and a little talking Elmo toy too.
  • Eating that beautiful cake it took me 2 hours to decorate - was sorry to see it go!
  • Having a complete meltdown that ended in a bath & nap!!


Becky said...

Happy birthday Kalani! I remember so well when he was born. Your cake Looks AMAZING, Tiffanie!

Danae said...

Your cake turned out so well! It looks great. Happy 1st birthday to Kalani.

Josie said...

It looks like he had a fun birthday, and the cake is so cute!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday little Kalani.. Tiff, did you bake the cake?? very nice looks very professional!

Love lots,
Auntie Minnie & Uncle Cory

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips Tiff. The cake is very very nice. you should consider a small business called Tiffy's cakes and pastries! Anyway, Im sure Kalani enjoyed smashing his 1st birthday cake!

kgrimmer22 said...

i cant believe he's one already! awesome cake! how did you do it?? see you soon!!