Tuesday, June 1, 2010

You REBEL you!

 Over the last several days from Thursday thru Monday, mom and dad came for a visit. It overlapped Jeff taking the boys to Yelm so Keira & I could have some quality girl time. First Keira and I went shopping, out to eat & visiting auntie Minnie in Kennewick. Then my Mom, Eli & I went shopping too & also out to eat, but in Yakima this time. So it was very nice to have some quiet time.

Soooo, for the story of rebellion! In a nutshell we went to a place we were NOT supposed to be. We took the family & some family friends, and we jumped an 8ft fence to get into an old abandoned railroad tunnel. Don't worry, the tunnel was abandoned in the 70's & it's carved out of solid rock. The floor was flat dirt because they had refurbished the tunnel & used to use it as a walking/biking trail. I have no idea why they don't want people in there now, but that didn't stop us. We jumped the fence with our flashlights & walked the 2.5 miles to the other end, where we jumped another fence. It was SOOO worth it! On the other side was this beautiful and remote waterfall & some gorgeous scenery! If you look really hard you can see a teensy tiny Keira & Malea down by the waterfall in one of the pictures.

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