Sunday, April 25, 2010

Congrats Keira for the Fashion Revue!

Keira is in 4-H, and just finished performing in the yearly fashion revue! With my help, she created this ruffle skirt using no pattern. For those of you who aren't familiar with this event, here's what it is. We have different classes in 4H head up by different parents. In the sewing class, the kids picked a wearable sewing project to complete. Then, when April comes around, they put this project together with an outfit to model at the fashion revue. For children who aren't planning on sewing something, they can participate in consumer fashion by purchasing an outfit on sale and becoming more knowledgeable about the material, care, shopping, etc... (this is what Keira did last year!). Well, this year Keira and I were browsing craftster, and saw a skirt that we both really liked. It was a 3-ruffle skirt and didn't look too hard, and keira really wanted one. So we created one kind of like it without a pattern using fabric she picked out. I did a LOT of helping her, but it was a team effort. She did a lot of ironing, pinning, using the sewing machine pedal, holding fabric as I fed it thru the machine, etc... I did the actual pushing fabric thru the machine for the most part, since she is only 8 & I'm terrified of her sewing her finger.
Keira learned a lot through this project about how to create an article of clothing. She had fun at judging earlier this week, talking about the construction and care of her skirt with the judges. She did a great job posing on the runway! Keep your eye out in Sunnyside papers, they were snapping away when she was on stage. Way to go Keira!

Here she is modeling her new skirt! Please excuse the over-the-top pose, she is a definate drama queen! (And also the background decorations, the theme was "dream career" and hers is a dance instructor)   She was judged & participated in the fashion show wearing it, and now she has a pretty new rainbow ribbon to show for it! What do you think?

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