Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Pretzels, Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Last night we colored eggs with the neighbor girls (they come from Mexico & I believe it was their first time!). And then today in the morning was the only time we were going to be able to spend with Jeff, so we had an impromptu Easter Egg hunt in the yard. Other than that I spent all day hanging out in the house with the kids. It occurred to me that I really should have some sort of Easter FHE, so I whipped this one up.....   

Did you know that the Pretzel has Christian beginnings? If you turn one upside down, the design looks like arms being folded. The three holes are said to represent the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost. The design also looks like a heart, which could be representative of the Love shown to us by Christ when he gave his life for us, and then when we break it apart to eat it, it could be representative of his body broken for us.   No one knows for sure when the first pretzel was invented, but back in the 600's, monks used to give them as treats to children who said their prayers and memorized their scriptures. Then in the 1400's, Germans ate them with hard boiled eggs for dinner on Good Friday. The pretzel for them symbolized everlasting life, and the eggs represented Easters rebirth. Soon, parents began hiding eggs and pretzels, often in the hay in barns for children to find. That is the origin of the Easter egg hunt.

So, today we made homemade pretzels & talked about what the pretzel represents, and what Easter is all about. The kids colored the fronts of their Easter lapbooks that we're going to be using for Conference tomorrow. Happy Easter everyone & don't forget why we celebrate this happy spring day! Someday, like Jesus Christ, we also will be resurrected with a new beginning and perfect glorious eternal bodies.

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Danae said...

I didn't know that about pretzels. How fun! Hope you had a good Easter Sunday, and the kids let you watch enough conference!