Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kai is 1 month old!

The kids have been enjoying having a new baby brother in the house. In this picture Kalani had drunk way too much Kool-aid (see the mustache?) and we were having a tough time getting him to be good for the camera, but the other kids were having fun with it!
Keira is a regular little mommy! She loves to carry Kai all over the house & if he's fussy, he'll settle right down if she picks him up.

Daddy is re-learning to take care of a baby!

And Keanu LOVES to hold Kai. A few times when I was busy & Kai was crying, Keanu has settled him right down & made him happy. He likes to lay down tummy to tummy with him.

It's not very often that I get everyone up & out of the house dressed nicely (make-up, what's that?) so we had to record the occasion. Isn't Kai adorable in his little man outfit?

He makes this face a lot, making an OOOO shape with his mouth. I remember Keanu doing the same thing! Merry Baby's 1st Christmas to Kai!

And here he is on his blessing day! Jeff blessed him & Dad/Mom were here to help us celebrate! Mom was here for a whole week to help out, she was a lifesaver!

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Becky said...

ok- I know I am way behind on commenting on blogs - - but I just had to comment on this one. These pictures are absolutely adorable!! Kai is soooo cute. I especially love the ones with Keanu- what a good big brother. He is the leader of that little pack of boys you have!