Sunday, October 25, 2009

And the race is on!!! A bit of a rant

OK, so many of you know that EVERY pregnancy has came with a major upheaval in our household during the last month or two of my pregnancy. Keira=Major room remodel, Keanu=House flood & all new flooring, Kalani=House addition/Sunroom remodel, and so THIS pregnancy is no exception!! This time we've moved & our whole lives have been turned upside down. So I have between 1 week and 10 days maybe? And the race is ON to get everything situated in this house so I don't feel like I have tons to do when I get home with a brand new baby. We've still got those two rooms/dumping grounds that need to be set up, a bit of painting, organizing, and putting up decorations, wall hangings, etc... I know myself well enough to know that I NEED to have some kind of control over my life to keep myself  from being an emotional wreck after having a baby. So this week we're racing to get as much done as we can. Don't worry! I have some help & will try not to overdo it! I'll just have to pick & choose the minimum that can be done to have our house livable & comfortable.

At the same time, I've got appointments for stuff I'm selling through Craigslist. I'm trying to clear off our property a bit, so IF anyone is interested in any of the following, contact me OK?   2 used couches, 2 cheap bookshelves, 1 entertainment center, a little TV, a dryer, a stove, a dresser, a crib mattress, 2 older snowmobiles, 40 boxes of artificial stone for use on fireplaces or the exterior of your house, 200 square feet of patio blocks, and WHO knows what else is in that barn~!~ Eventually we'll get around to sorting through everything!

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Rachel said...

Love everything! Tiff, someday when we have our own house, PLEASE help us decorate! The house looks great.