Sunday, June 28, 2009

Congratulations Rebecca & Jerry!!

We are so happy to welcome Jerry into our family! (for the 2nd time - but that's a different story) Our cousin Rebecca married her longtime sweetheart Jerry this week. The kids and I were priveledged to be able to attend the wedding and reception. The wedding was a beautifully simple affair at a park in front of the pond & fountain, with just a few family and friends. We then went to the reception (which was held in Nisqually Pines clubhouse, the same place where I met Jeff for the 1st time!) and enjoyed a huge and delicious luau-type buffet (thank you aunties!!) with beautiful decorations (we all helped) and music with dancing. We danced and ate and visited long into the evening, and were all exhausted the next day. A couple days later we were able to have another get-together BBQ at Rebecca & Jerry's house in Yelm. It was so much fun to able to share in their joy and spend quality time with them!! Rebecca is expecting a baby, about 5 weeks before mine is due, so this won't be the first celebration for them this year!

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