Sunday, June 28, 2009

Auntie Claire & Mom came for a visit!

After a loooong week over the mountains in Olympia and Yelm, we finally called it quits and caravanned over with mom & Claire back home! My wonderful mother-in-law and auntie Claire from Hawaii spent lots of time visiting with us at home, going with us over to Amber's house and my parents house. They even got dressed up with us Sunday morning and went with us to church (AND convinced Tim to go too, he's never been to church in his life!!). Some of the highlights of our trip were the meals we shared (including produce from our garden), eating cherries straight off the tree at Ambers house, shopping in all the little Mexican stores (they got a kick out of Fiesta Foods!), visiting my own mom & dad's house to harvest walnuts, listen to mom's harp playing, and my dad EVEN gave mom (mary) a motorcycle ride! She hasn't been on one in 32 years. Then church was a definite highlight, to share our beliefs with them even a little bit was very special to us both. We said a tearful goodbye this afternoon to auntie, she is so very special to us and it has been a treasure to get to know her better and make memories with her!


Cherity said...

Hey Tiffany!! I just went private on my blog. Could you send me your email address so that I can invite you......

Rob and Rachel said...

Camping sounds like a lot of fun! We're not quite sure if we should be taking either of our cars on any long road trips now though, since they are kind of on their last legs. But if we can free up a weekend, we can see what we can do! We are hoping to be able to go to Palmer with you guys in August, depending on what kind of job I have once school is out, and if we have a running car left. :)
P.S. We should webcam sometime if you have one!