Sunday, June 21, 2009

4-Car fender bender


That's what happened to not ONLY my Dodge Caravan, but also Jeff's mom & dad's Dodge Charger. What happened was this - we were all caravanning, on our way to Port Orchard to have lunch & pick up our Hawaiian aunties. We'd finally gotten over the Narrows Bridge & past all the construction, and had gotten off the freeway. We were ONLY 5 miles from our destination!! There was a stoplight & there was one guy stopped. He saw a car coming up fast & scooted forward to avoid being hit so the guy was able to stop in time, but dad wasn't so lucky. He wasn't able to stop in time (we heard his brakes squeal) and crunched right into the guys bumper. I was right behind him & I also wasn't able to stop in time. I swerved to the curb and struck dad's car's right rear fender with the door of my car. So all 4 cars got crunched! I couldn't roll up my window, and no sooner did the police show up than here comes the thunder & storm clouds & we got DUMPED on, buckets of water for the whole hour we were trying to straighten everything out! I consider myself lucky now to be able to open and shut my car door & finally got my window rolled up. I'm SO glad that no one was hurt at all, that we were still able to go visit our aunties & have a fun time, and that the kids were really good throughout it all! But dad was pretty shaken up. He loves his Charger, it's such a cool car! We're hoping our cars will be able to get fixed right up, good as new. Thank goodness for insurance!


Danae said...

Glad you guys are ok! That's a little too much excitement for a weekend, isn't it?

Becky said...

Stink! Sorry that happened - - hopefully everything gets fixed up OK! Glad it wasn't the kind of accident where anyone got hurt.