Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter fun & festivities

We kicked off our Easter fun with 2 easter egg hunts on Saturday! Saturday morning we headed over to the park in Grandview for a huge Easter egg hunt with the kids. It was Kalani's first time, and he had so much fun picking up those eggs, especially after he figured out there was candy inside them! Afterwards, Jeff took Keanu & I took Keira to the older kids egg hunt. The kids each got a special prize inside one of their eggs - a certificate to go to the prize pickup for water bottles.

After the hunt we went to the petting zoo, where the kids petted piggies, little lambs, bunnies, goats, and the most gigantic bunny rabbit you ever saw (not pictured - but seriously, he was bigger than our dog).

After Grandview, we went to an easter celebration put on by Grace Brethren church in sunnyside. Several of our friends go to that church, so it was nice to spend time with them & get to know them better. And the food for their bbq was amazing, they did another hunt, some face painting (Keira was a tiger) and games (Keira participated in her first gunny-sack race!) Jeff had a friend to hang out with & I got to socialize lots, I think we all agreed that we had an amazing time!!

Saturday night after Easter Devotional & bedtime, Keira and I played Easter bunny for the boys. She had so much fun filling plastic eggs and hiding them all over the living room! After she went to bed, I did her basket. In the morning I think it really was a joy for her to help the boys get into their baskets & see the excited looks on their faces!

All good things must come to an end though, and boy am I glad to put all that candy away! The kids ate so much candy it caused multiple sugar burnout meltdowns (one of them during sacrament meeting!)

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