Sunday, April 26, 2009

4-H Fashion Revue!! (Now with pics of all 3 girls!)

Congratulations Keira, Janai & Malea!! All three girls participated in the 4-H fashion revue last week. Keira's personality is really coming out lately, she's become a bit more outgoing. She used to freeze up in front of people, but at the fashion revue this month she simply shined! For those of you who don't know, she bought her outfit mostly secondhand. The top was such a cute floral fabric & she found these amazing fabric beads & other accessories too. We worked so hard together to get her paperwork & outfit ready! So finally at judging she jabbered the ladies ear off about her outfit & everything she knew about fashion, buying and caring for her clothing. Then on stage she struck the most drama-queenie poses possible, with a big smile on her face the whole time! Afterwards they handed out certificates, ribbons & trophies - Grandma said Keira looked just "pleased as punch" with herself. She got her little trophy, certificate, and a rainbow ribbon. No matter what I tried to say, she insisted that the rainbow ribbon was the best ribbon she could get. I think she felt sorry for Janai for getting a plain blue one. But since Janai is old enough to compete, we're proud of her for winning a blue!! Hahaha! Congratulations girlies, we're all so proud of you!

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Rob and Rachel said...

Ooh, future Top Mod for sure!